1. 10 Fun Facts About Some of the Greatest College Football Stadiums

    Lavell Edwards Stadium, Brigham Young University

    Until 2005, storage underneath the stadium was home to part of the largest collection of Jurassic fossils in North America.

    Rice-Eccles Stadium, University of Utah

    While the stadium is not extraordinary in and of itself, the Utes have outdone themselves when it comes to the “tower”.

    The tower is home to six levels, and each level is provided with an absolutely incredible view of the Wasatch Mountains and Salt Lake City.

    Carrier Dome, Syracuse University

    Although the Carrier Dome was named after the air conditioning company, Carrier, in a somewhat ironic twist, the dome is not air conditioned in any way.

    Spartan Stadium, Michigan State University

    Spartan Stadium is home to one of the most beloved halftime shows. During the halftime show, Zeke the Wonder Dog (an honorary member of the team) comes out and performs for the crowd. 

    Bobby Dodd Stadium, Georgia Tech

    This stadium is home to the most lopsided football win in college football history. In 1916, Georgia Tech went up against Cumberland College and won the game 222-0.

    Falcon Stadium, U.S. Air Force Academy

    Falcon Stadium provides the Air Force team with a home-field advantage that few teams can claim—lack of oxygen. Because of it’s elevation of 6,620+ feet above sea level, the Air Force football team is adjusted to the lack of oxygen, whereas visiting teams are not.

    Yale Bowl, Yale

    While not as famous or as big as some of the FBS stadiums, a trip to this one is worth putting on your bucket list.

    The Yale Bowl was the original bowl-shaped stadium, and after its erection in the early 1900’s became the inspiration for such stadiums as Michigan Stadium and the Rose Bowl.

    Michie Stadium, U.S. Military Academy

    Most stadiums have their game balls carried into the facility by a ball-boy, usually carrying a bag.

    Army, however, brings the gameball into beautiful Michie Stadium with a bang. The ball is generally carried in by a skydiver who lands on the field.

    Memorial Stadium, Clemson

    The Husker faithful have filled Memorial Stadium for 311 consecutive games, an NCAA record.

    Michigan Stadium, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

    Coach ”Fritz” Crisler, is credited with inventing the idea of a two-platoon football team, or using different players for offense and defense, while he was the head coach at Michigan.

  2. Did you know:Until 2005, storage underneath the BYU Cougar’s LaVeil Edwards Stadium was home to part of the largest collection of Jurassic fossils in North America. 

    Did you know:

    Until 2005, storage underneath the BYU Cougar’s LaVeil Edwards Stadium was home to part of the largest collection of Jurassic fossils in North America. 

  3. Top 10 College Football Stadiums

    Every college football stadium has its own history, tradition, and memories - making it almost impossible to rank them.

    With the atmosphere, fans, traditions, and architecture as the main criteria, Bleacher Report ranked Top 10 picks of college football stadiums in the country:

    10. Kyle Field - Texas A&M

    Capacity: 82,600

    Kyle Field is one of the most unique stadiums in college football, and that’s what makes it so good; it’s not often that you see a triple-decker stadium quite like this one. To top it all off, this stadium features one of the nation’s best video boards, stretching 4,000 square feet.

    9. Bryant-Denny Stadium - Alabama

    Capacity: 101,821

    After recent renovations, the stadium’s capacity has increased by 10,000, making it one of the nation’s top five largest stadiums. 

    8. Tom Osbourne Field at Memorial Stadium (Nebraska)

    Capacity: 81,067

    Fans file into this stadium every week to see their beloved Cornhuskers play. Nebraska currently has sold out 311 consecutive games at Memorial Stadium. This fan support has allowed Nebraska to begin a $63.5 million expansion that will increase the seating capacity to 91,000; the project will be completed by the 2013 season.

    Tied 6. Notred Dame Stadium

    Capacity: 80,795

    Notre Dame Stadium has established itself as one of the most unique stadiums in college football through its mixture of history, including things like Touchdown Jesus, and state of the art amenities, such as its new press box, and LED scoreboards.

    Tied 6. Tiger Stadium (LSU)

    Capacity: 92,400

    Tiger Stadium is the 6th largest stadium in the nation and is widely considered the most electrifying stadium in college football.

    Tied 4. Beaver Stadium (Penn State)

    Capacity: 107,082

    This triple-decker stadium ranks as the second-largest stadium in the country. The unbelievable number of fans who file in every week generate a great deal of noise, too…it’s been called the loudest by ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit. What’s also awesome? All fans wear white on game day, creating the best white-out in college football.

    Tied 4. Shieds-Watkins Field at Neyland Stadium - Tennessee

    Capacity: 102,455

    From the checkered end zones to the “Rocky Top” chants, Neyland Stadium has established itself as one of college football’s iconic landmarks. The stadium also ranks as the nation’s fourth largest stadium.

    3. Ohio Stadium (Ohio State)

    Capacity: 102,329

    Ohio Stadium is known for its horseshoe shape and truly is a beautiful sight. Other than the architecture, Ohio Stadium is known for it’s traditions, such as the “dotting of the i” before the game. In the past decade, the Buckeyes have had a winning percentage of 88 at the Horseshoe.

    2. Michigan Stadium

    Capacity: 109,901

    Michigan Stadium is the best test and one of the most widely recognized football stadiums in the country. It has seated over 113,000 on multiple occasions, a number untouched by the rest of the college football nation.

    1. Ben Hill Griffin Stadium (Florida)

    Capacity: 88,548

    The Swamp has the perfect blend of atmosphere, architecture, fans, and tradition that propelled it to the top spot on this list.

    "There is no better place than ‘The Swamp.’ That opening on the big screen with the alligators, it’s the best ever. When the Gators run out of the tunnel, it is absolutely the moment of moments in college football." - Lee Corso

    Now that you’ve seen the top 10 college football stadiums, what are some of your favorite stadiums?

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