Without a question, the passion students and alumni have for their school teams is unlike any other. And no matter where people end up, many remain connected and follow closely what their favorite teams are up to. Blogs are a great common ground for fans to stay up to date, connect, and engage with their communities. So we wanted to take this chance to highlight a few college sports blogs that have been doing a fantastic job.

These blogs is a mix from our favorite college blogs and studentadvisor.com’s list, and chosen based on their superior content geared toward the college sports enthusiast, comments and site engagement, as well as frequency of posts and traffic.

Enjoy folks!

1. Gator Country

Gator Country is a Florida-specific blog for all you Gator fans out there. It has tapped into its strong fan base, creating a fantastic blog populated with a radio show, videos, professional pictures and relevant articles that engage its fans and establishes itself as the go-to for college sports news.

What gives them the extra point? They have forums for both free users and subscribing insiders, as well as their own magazine.

2. In The Bleachers

This blog can be considered a must-read for anyone that calls him or herself a college football fan. With witty insights from Mike Felder, a former safety at UNC, readers get a great look into the college football landscape. His blog keeps fans engaged through weekly podcasts, and great commentaries featuring the biggest names in college football.

3. M Go Blog

The University of Michigan’s fan base is bigger than most of the professional teams, and with a backing like that, there’s no question why these guys know and need to know everything there is to know about Michigan athletics, especially football. The site has active fan forums, videos, podcasts, and not to mention the difficult-to-obtain player interviews.

4. Irish Sports Daily

The Irish Sports Daily is a great resource for all the Notre Dame fans out there. It has a range of active forums, insightful blogs on the team’s current standing and efforts, and a “power hour” for Notre Dame Football Talk.

5. Tide Sports

Tide Sports is a rivals.com subpage that receives a ton of visitors each month. Dedicated mainly to Alabama football, the site has updated football recruiting stats, latest news, videos of practice highlights, forums, and much more!

What are some of your favorite blogs/sites to keep up-to-date with college football?